Friday, August 3, 2012

Car Review: A key to buying a car according to your requirements

In the society where we live there are three types of people one are who don't have enough money they are one who can only satisfy their basic needs but they have interest to buy car, second are who have sufficient money and interested to buy cars and third are the people who have lots and lots of money and they are always interested in purchasing car. The people who fall in the 1st category for them to buy car is a big decision. For a normal man it's their life time earning which they use to buy a car. These types of people are mainly targeting for family cars or small compact cars. They are confused whether to go for used cars or to buy a new car.

So such type of people will always ask many people before purchasing the car. They will ask the people who have used that car or the experts in case of they are purchasing new car. But if they have took decision to purchase used car they will ask for Used car reviews from the people who stay near by their house having same car or they will take near by mechanic and tell them to say how the car is? Very few people of this class use internet to see the used car reviews or new car reviews.

The people who belong to middle class who can afford small car or sedan car will also take decision to whether to go for new small car or to go for good quality second hand sedan car they are the people who take used car reviews either from their friends family members, even from experts, and will also see on the net. While if they go for New car reviews they see on the sites where public have given their views, or they will see shows on television related to cars where experts give close call to each and every features of car and also give good option to that car. Thus this is one of the most trusted ways to get new car reviews.

The third category is the people who have lots of money and can afford any car they either take the cars for their daily use or for keeping their status. Such type of society mainly look for the which car is good in look and the car which is having huge demand in market. Sometimes they don't go for even the reviews if they are going for normal sedan type cars of b+ or a- segment cars. They are the people who took reviews if they go for a+ category car. They mainly take used car reviews for a+ category car and new car reviews are taken from internet sites and they observe which car is having high market demand.

Originated from Banadict Austin (UK)

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